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Max Montegut, LEED AP

Vice President


Max has always been intrigued with how things work. As a kid, he constantly took apart and reassembled just about anything with parts. After-school jobs in high school as a car mechanic reinforced his innate analytical abilities and furthered his problem-solving skills.

Early immersion into large-scale construction projects honed Max’s aptitude in maintaining complex schedules with constantly moving parts. He built a major Texas Medical Center parking garage expansion just two years out of college; managed new construction and renovation of casinos in the Southeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest; oversaw complete new hospitals; and completed 8,000 hospitality units encompassing hotels, multi-family housing and high-rise condominiums.

This advanced insight into construction means, methods and materials allows Max to serve as a company-wide resource in moving projects forward. If downpours halt construction for a week, he helps formulate plans to get projects back on track. Max also lends his expertise to the Greater Houston YMCA, serving on its facilities committee.