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Bob Postma
Vice President of Operations


Responsible for all production-related staff, and drawing from more than 25 years of hands-on experience, Bob ensures effective two-way communication between office staff and field personnel. He possesses the ability to relate effectively from executive staff to field crews, providing perspectives and interests to build mutual understanding and cooperation to deliver positive results to the organization. Bob quickly identifies and facilitates opportunities for team improvement in communication, schedule, cost and quality.

He has a proven track record of successfully directing and executing large complex projects, in diverse industries, that include the aviation, commercial, healthcare, higher education, and municipal arenas. Recognized for bringing a high-level of integrity and emotional intelligence to all his professional relationships; he builds on trust, authenticity, and genuine concern in order to bring out the best in people and endeavors. Bob’s specialties include: strategic and operational planning, analytical problem solver, strong interpersonal, and communication skills; developing / mentoring team members, challenging others through delegation, and a collaborative approach to projects.

His commitment to safety is reinforced by his completion of OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training and AGC safety courses.